Thursday, March 10, 2016

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Integrate with Google

Google Apps for Education make my life so much easier and more productive. More and more web tools are seeing the power of working with Google. Besides the great apps and extensions available in the Web Chrome Store, tech tools are now integrating with Google Drive and Classroom.

Here are a few:

1. Gale Databases - I know I have blogged about this before, but it is worth mentioning again. Gale now has a sign in to Google option for saving your research. Highlight, annotate, and download the articles to your Google Drive. The article will appear in its own folder with the article, highlights, notes and a citation. Genius!

2. EDpuzzle - Take a video clip and insert questions for students to answer as they watch. Import your class rosters from Google Classroom and share the videos with your students.

3. Quizizz - Create a digital assessment and share with students through their Google Classroom integration feature. Students get a direct link to the quiz and the teacher can see their Google account login in addition to nickname student uses. Track student progress in Google Classroom.

4. Nearpod - Teach via interactive lessons in Nearpod and share with student via Google Classroom.

Google also integrated their Calendar into Google Classroom giving teacher's the option to embed the calendar into their class blog or website. With the one Google Sign-in for many web sites, there are fewer username/passwords to remember!

Check out these additional sites from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

10 Very Good Educational Websites That Are Now Integrated with Google Classroom

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sites for Student Assessment

I remember doing worksheets, taking quizzes and completing tests back in the day and it took teachers days or weeks to get grades back. That stinks!

With the technology in today's classroom, feedback should be instantaneous. Here are some sites you can use for student assessment:

  • Socrative - Teacher creates and launches a quiz. Student enter the virtual classroom and complete the quiz. 

  • Quizizz - Quiz platform that gamifies assessment

    • Pear Deck - Add assessment elements to your slide deck.

        • Go Formative - Turn your worksheet into a digital assessment

        Find a new assessment tool and give it a try!

        Monday, March 7, 2016

        Librarians to Follow

        I have a friend who just accepted a job with a great title, Coordinator of Innovative Programs. She will be working with Curriculum, Media, and Technology Specialists to create engaging instruction and learning opportunities. We have had quite a few conversations about what libraries should be like in the 21st-century and what librarians ought to be doing. In sharing ideas with her, I gave her a list of librarians I follow online, and I thought others might also benefit from my list:

        Doug Johnson, Minnesota
        Shannon Miller, Colorado
        Naomi Bates, Texas
        Jennifer LaGarde, North Carolina
        Laura Fleming, New Jersey
        Diana Rendina, Florida
        Buffy Hamilton, Georgia
        Gwyneth Jones, DC
        Heather Lister, Pennsylvania
        Michelle Luhtala, Connecticut

        This is just a start. There are so many great librarians our there doing amazing things!

        Who inspires you?

        Saturday, March 5, 2016

        Makerspace @ Your Library Summer Workshop

        Do you need some summer Professional Development hours? Are you interested in learning about bringing a Makerspace to your classroom or library? This might be the workshop for you!

        Region 3 ESC in Victoria, Texas is bringing yours truly in for an all day, hands-on workshop on June 7, 2016. This workshop will discuss the what, why, and how of Makerspace creation, as well as offer participants plenty of time to make, tinker, and create.

        I would love to see you there!

         Here is a flyer with more information and a link to register: