Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ISTE13 Day 2

Today I had the biggest learning moment in a session by Texas librarian Carolyn Foote. Her school in the Austin area started a small iPad 1:1 program two years ago with 1:1 iPad implementation in 8-12 grade levels this past year. Their school board just voted to implement 1:1 iPads from K-12 in the near future.

Carolyn gave a list of great apps and discussed some big questions for implementation and how they solved some of these problems in her school. The most powerful thing for me in this session was the SAMR Model for Integration and the discussion of using technology to transform learning.

I work with districts who are buying iPads in different size roll outs. They come to me for app ideas. Many of them want apps that are blingy and fancy, but many of those apps would fall into the enhancement part of the integration model. I feel challenged now to guide my teachers to find ways to move their activities into the transformative area of the model. We have to look at technology as tools to change learning not just as substitutions for print options.

Plus, I got a free Microsoft Surface as part of the Microsoft in the Classroom Project. Score!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

ISTE13 Day 2

This was a full day of sessions for me. I had planned to attend sessions today full of rockstars! I felt like my hubby did going to see the Smashing Pumpkins.

The first big session I attended was Adam Bellow and Steve Dembo who have just written a book about tools and great ideas on how to use them. (I just ordered the book online!) They talked about lots of great tools I am excited to try. I really want to try Thinglink and Wevideo. It was refreshing to see how much trouble they had with internet. Nice to know that even tech experts have tech problems sometimes.

Then I went to a sessions where I got to see Joyce Valenza! I feel like a really nerdy librarian. Of the panel in that session, I also follow Gwyneth Jones and Shannon Miller so it was exciting to hear from people you are connected to online. Their session was about flipping and curating your library which is a topic I have been talking with my librarians about recently. The tool from this session that I am most anxious to try is MentorMob. 

My next session was about E-Learning models for Professional Development. We did an activity where you tweeted out an answer with the same hashtag. As the comments came in, I noticed a tweet from @BlueSkunkBlog. OMG! Doug Johnson was in the same session as me. Miguel Guhlin was leading the session and asked Doug to share a soundbite about librarians. After this session, I want to explore Edmodo.

Lastly I attended a conversation led by Steve Hargadon about where education is headed. The panel included Tom Whitby and Julie Lindsey. The take aways from this session were that PD needs to be embedded throughout the year, learning needs to be organic and authentic, and that there are lots of issues to overcome in education.

I learned lots! Can't wait until tomorrow!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Opening Keynote #iste13: Jane McGonigal

"The opposite of play is not work. It is depression."-- Brian Sutton-Smith

So I made it to San Antonio, Texas for ISTE 2013. This is my first time to attend ISTE so I am pumped!!! The first event I attended was the Opening Keynote which was preceded by a 30 minute set by a local teen country band. Only in Texas!!!

Jane McGonigal's area of expertise is gaming. I honestly have never been a gamer, but I have raised one. My son and I were always having discussions about the many hours he spent connected to a device playing a video game. I thought it was too much. I told him to play outside and visit his friends. He said they were playing online (Xbox Live was popular at my house).

Although I did not approve of gaming as a parent, as a librarian, I adopted it in my library. I kept board games in my library for students to play. We purchased video consoles to host tournaments. I hoped to engage my patrons with a little gaming.

Engagement was a key to Jane's message today. Students are less and less engaged in school the older they get. Gamers, on the other hand, are fully engaged. She listed 10 positive emotions that gamers feel and as an educator I want my students to feel those same emotions in their learning. I want them to feel pride, curiosity, excitement, and creativity.

I texted the list of 10 positive emotions to my son and he agreed. As a gamer he feels that way when he is gaming. And he has listed for me many skills he has learned through gaming. I feel challenged now to explore what gaming has to offer my learners and how I can harness its power to make students "super empowered hopeful individuals."

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tech Tools for Collaboration, Promotion, Curation and Creativity

The presentation below was presented at the Association of Jewish Libraries Conference in Houston, TX on June 17, 2013. The link below the presentation is to a Symbaloo with links to each web tool discussed.