Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Educreations -- Video tutorials

As I have been planning iPad trainings, I have found some really great apps like Educreations. This app lets you create a video tutorial lesson to share with your students. Use drawing and upload features to illustrate a lesson while you talk the students through the steps of the process. You can share it out to your students by embedding the video into a web page or having students create accounts to access your class content at www.educreations.com.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Flipboard is way cool!

I have been training lots of teachers and librarians lately on iPads and their use in an educational setting. I have a myriad of apps on my iPad and I talk about different ones based on the composition of my audience that day. Someone in the audience at a session pointed out that I had Flipboard, and I had honestly forgotten about it.

Flipboard is a wicked cool app that pulls feed from social media you set up and presents it in a digital magazine format. I have my Facebook and Twitter accounts set up to feed into Flipboard as well as my Google Reader. Explore Flipboard content and connect to feeds in many content categories from Travel to News to Entertainment. I love this "one stop app" for a plethora of content. (I was in a ""et's use big words" mood.)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wish my toes were in the sand....

Trying to post a picture to my blog from my cell phone. Found this photo from a beach trip with my hubby. Hope all are enjoying their summer.

Yodio for student projects

I have been playing more with Yodio (www.yodio.com)and think it could be a great vehicle for student projects!

 The Yodio I created below could easily have been made by a student to demonstrate understanding of a concept or students could work in groups to create lesson that teach their peers sections of content from the curriculum. This would be an amazing platform for creating student presentations to accompany research projects and post them on a project blog or wiki.

 I used PowerPoint to create a slideshow of my visual content. After saving the slides as JPEGs, I uploaded them into my Yodio account. Using my cell phone (could have used a landline) I recorded each track of audio. Once the content was in my Yodio account I dragged and dropped the slides with the appropriate audio in the correct sequence. Voila!!! My Yodio on the Communication Model was born!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yodio -- Podcasting with Pictures

Another cool site for podcasting is Yodio (www.yodio.com). Record audio with your phone and upload your pictures. Publish your yodio and share it through your web site or blog. Students could create yodios for projects or teachers could use this platform for video tutorials.

Ipadio -- Podcasting from your mobile phone

Ipadio is a site that lets you podcast using your cell phone. In the past I have created podcasts using Audacity on my computer and uploaded them to a web site to share. With ipadio, you set up an account and are given a PIN. Call into the toll free number, enter your PIN, and speak into the phone. Your podcasts are uploaded to your ipadio channel instantly. Set your podcasts up to be followed via iTunes or embed a player in your blog or web site like I have done below.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Student Cell Phones in Instruction

Using cell phones in the classroom has become my latest research topic. I am excited and encouraged by how many activities I have found that use the "pocket PCs" my students already own. The best resource I have uncovered so far is the work of Liz Kolb. Her blog, cellphonesinlearing.blogspot.com, is a treasure trove of information and resources. 

I have also bought her books and have been reading them via my Kindle App on my iPad. Great activities, great research, great case studies, wonderful ideas.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Nearpod is a hit!

Yesterday I taught a full day workshop on using iPads in the classroom. By far the favorite tools was Nearpod. Nearpod is an app for the iPad that lets a teacher create content online and push it out to student devices.

To start using Nearpod, visit the site www.nearpod.com and create a free account. Use images, videos, PDFs, and quizzes to create a Nearpod Presentation or use some of their already created lessons. The teacher will need to download the free teacher app onto his or her iPad. Students will need the free student app on their devices. The student app will work on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. These apps will soon be available in the Android Marketplace.

Teachers launch their lesson and the students connect to the teacher's lesson with a PIN number. The teacher device drives the lesson on the student devices. Students sign in with their name and their answers in the polls or quizzes are tracked to each student. At the end of a session the teacher can access the results in a spreadsheet for grading and documentation. Brilliant app!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Google Docs becomes Google Drive

I am a huge fan of Google Docs. Lately I have noticed a message when I log in saying that Google Docs will be updated to Google Drive. There was also a link that I could make the shift now if I wanted to. Well I was feeling brave today and I did!!!

Google Drive downloads and installs an application onto your computer much like Dropbox.  Google Drive will appear in your programs listing and as an icon in your systems tray. Drop files into Google Drive and they will sync across all machines connected to your drive as well as in your online account. Files created in other software can also be saved to Google Drive not just Google Documents. Files can still be shared and edited like the online Google Docs.

An app for iPad and iPhone are to be available soon. I may be transferring my files from Dropbox to Google Drive when that happens.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dropbox -- Awesome Cloud space

I love Dropbox (www.dropbox.com). Like most people these days, I work on multiple devices. Losing flash drives is a common problem for me. I use Dropbox as my solution for this issue.

To use Dropbox you navigate to their site, create an account, and download the application onto your computer. Apps are also available through the Apple Store. Once installed on your computer a folder named "Dropbox" will appear in your Computer menu. Save or drag and drop files to the Dropbox folder to save them in the cloud. Your files are accessible on any device where you have the app, as well as online. The documents will sync across all devices so you always have the most recent version of the document or project.

I have the App on my work computer, home computer, iPhone, and iPad. Love it!!!